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JUA began as a small idea between family members (or around the family dinner table) and has since grown into a family business. We are a family of five who choreograph the cloth purchasing, transportation, quality control and business processes. But still, without our foreign employees nothing would work out. Simply nothing.


(cloth purchase and logistics)
Reviewing and selecting new designs, matching the best patchworks and organising bulk purchase logistics from A to B.
All of this whilst minimising delays? No problem. Eva is able to support our mission and make things possible.


(quality and accountancy)
Rainer manages our quality assurance and accounting processes, has the overview and knowledge to confidently guarantee all JUA products are of a high quality. He is orchestrating the red tape and diligently watches over the finances. Supervising everything, nothing is missed out. This it the result of many years practicing as a professional economist.


(technology and marketing)
Our online shop is based on logic. An Online shopping experience should be guided by logic/ a logical process. Digital services, new layouts, text, data protection and solutions for all kinds of problems - Philipp is the man behind the JUA keyboard and Screen.
Furthermore he is in charge of presenting JUA in all mediums of the media and successfully bring colour to more lives globally with his passion.


(packaging and distribution)
After dedicating one year to voluntary work in Africa, Mathias brought home many souvenirs. Even some patchwork pants were part of his excess luggage. Now he takes care for your JUA parcels, ensuring they arrive as fast as possible.


Even the best products will never leave the shop without a good sales process.
Hanna, seamlessly manages our client relationships- regardless of the communications medium, be it digital or directly in the shop.


Cool ideas, new models, lively combinations. Beauty in details. Finesse in simplicity. With her dynamic and engagement Elisa improves our products permanently. Because: if you don't go forwards you go backwards.


(Mama Africa)
For almost half a century she has lived in Senegal, and in doing so, our Dutch Lady has become an integral part of the community. Providing working opportunities to locals, paying them fair prices and distributing their handmade artworks all over the world. Herma creates options to a better future for many. Listening, communicating and solving problems, she is a person of integrity. Supported by her son Danny, the well-being of her local community is very close to her heart.

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