is way more than just unique pants. JUA is a lively spirit of life. JUA evokes a break in the daily routine and injects fun, multiple colours and electricity into life. JUA is a companion in all aspect of your day.

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Be base our business model on fair and honest partnerships. We do not partake in pricing wars, worker exploitation or enforcing unreasonable manufacturing time pressures for our financial benefit. We follow a strategy to yield long-lasting cooperation, reliable and strong relationships and a profitable situations for all our business partners.and fair working conditions. We work towards long-lasting business and customer relationships.

about us

JUA is a family business. Everyone contributes by playing an integral role. We all strive to fulfil our values and long term vision. Decisions are agreed upon together, new models are created and new ideas are realised through team collaboration.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Discover new possibilities, be inspired and dream big. JUA - everywhere always.


Each product is one-of-a-kind. The patchwork cloth is individual and unique for each pair of pants. We have almost 1 million different pattern combinations possible. Our designs are available in a casual cut "Baggy-Style" fit or the skinny "SlimFit" style.

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